Business Analyst


Brief Summary

                            Business Analyst

Job Role: 
Provides planning, integration and analysis on short-term and occasionally long-term direction of administrative issues at varied levels within EBO (or within the organization).

Minimum Requirements:  
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.

Collaborate, analyze issues and make decisions, drive for results, focus on customers, demonstrate adaptability, write and speak effectively, influence others.

Job Duties:
•	Performs complex analysis. Conducts research on a wide range of studies and activities affecting all organizational levels. Research may involve company and industry data. Presents findings and makes recommendations to senior management.
•	Reviews organizational functions and structure. Assists in the administrative management of personnel (recruiting, assignments, relocations, promotions, etc.)
•	Understands business goals, business objectives and strategies. Identifies and recommends tools and improvements in processes.
•	Performs analysis of products, components and services. Offers impact analyses and recommends changes. Facilitates problem resolution and maintains customer relationships.
•	Participates in the creation of procedures and guidelines.
•	Assists in the planning, requirements development and execution of activities.