Fraud Prevention and Detection Analyst Jr.


Brief Summary

                            Fraud Prevention and Detection Analyst Jr.

Applies basic analytical skills on high risk financial and non-financial transactions to detect and prevent fraudulent activities for a wide range of enterprise financial products and services.

Minimum Experience:
•	Advanced Computer and Internet Skills
•	Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office Tools
•	2+ years of relevant work experience
•	Banking and/or Investment Experience
•	Bachelor's degree (or equivalent work experience)

Preferred Experience:
•	Up to 2 years of relevant work experience in financial products/services and/or fraud prevention/resolution 
•	Experience working in call-center environment 

Job Duties:
•	Proficiently uses a variety of fraud management tools and systems to identify and investigate suspicious financial and non-financial activity on a wide range of products and services.
•	Effectively initiates contact with members to review suspicious activity; and if necessary, take appropriate actions to mitigate the risk and protect the member's assets.
•	Possesses multi product, system, and/or process knowledge and effectively uses it to prevent, detect and mitigate fraudulent activity across multiple products and services.
•	Effectively utilizes appropriate tools and procedures to report confirmed fraud and associated trends.
•	Applies foundational knowledge of the business, its products, and processes and provides improvement opportunities and recommended solutions to improve the effectiveness or efficiency of fraud prevention and detection.
•	Seldom seeks basic guidance from peers