Sr. Administrative Assistant


Brief Summary

                            Sr. Administrative Assistant

Provides high level administrative support to company/agency executive officer or Executive Council. Coordinates key initiatives, special projects and activities with broad company or enterprise impact. Facilitates interactions with senior management, external industry executives, and advisory groups.

Minimum Experience
Bachelor's degree or equivalent. 5+ years experience in analyst or management role.

Collaboration. Analyze Issues and Make Decisions. Drive for Results. Focus on Customers. Demonstrate Adaptability. Write and Speak Effectively. Influence Others.

Job Overview
•	Assists and supports executive with administrative issues as assigned. Researches background, briefs findings and makes recommendations. May directly handle issues or delegate actions to appropriate parties on behalf of executive.
•	Coordinates special projects, including special studies. Coordinates associated preparation of briefings and presentations.
•	Represents executive on committees and in meetings. Coordinates executive participation in various forums such as corporate planning conferences, Board of Directors meetings, Executive Council meetings, advisory panels and/or industry conferences.
•	May serve as the point of contact for Company Executive planning matters. May provide assistance and support in developing and coordinating planning conference agendas, schedules, and administrative arrangements. Creates necessary briefings and other documents as a follow-up to special tasks arising from conferences.
•	May coordinate and/or conduct reviews of assigned workforce and budget requests.