Software / Systems Engineer Mid


Brief Summary

                            Software / Systems Engineer Mid

Technical Requirements:
Work experience in systems or development life cycle: 4 to 6 years

•	Demonstrated Adaptability; collaboration skills; business acumen; communication skills, innovation
•	Bachelors degree in IT related field (or equivalent work experience)

Tasks / Deliverables: The following itemized tasks / Deliverables are to be provided by Supplier in the performance of Services described under this SOW.

•	Acquires and applies foundational knowledge of business, its applications, and processes.
•	Seeks guidance from team members to resolve issues and to identify appropriate issues for escalation.
•	Coordinates with cross-functional team members to translate business requirements into specifications.  
•	Gathers information to support business analysis and the development of technical solutions.
•	Supports and proactively contributes to continuous improvement initiatives within area of expertise, for assigned company/staff agency, and/or across enterprise.

-         Data movement technologies (CDC, Nifi, etc) - Required
-         Database development (SQL, security, schemas, etc) - Required
-         Pub/Sub technologies (Kafka, MQ, etc) - Required
-         Java Batch
-         Core J2EE