Wealth Mgmt Scheduling Specialist


Brief Summary

                            Wealth Management Scheduling Specialist

Job Summary:
Schedule appointments, send emails, answer inbound calls, and assist with outbound calling campaigns to determine if identified members are interested in Wealth Management Services.  Uses established procedures, letters, email templates, and scripts to describe the value of Wealth Management Services and handles objections.	

Job Duties/Tasks:
•	Schedule/ reschedule/ cancel appointments using Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook. Add/update Salesforce and Outlook accordingly.
•	Follow-up with members by phone or email on a predefined schedule and send emails using email templates if necessary.  
•	If a member expresses interest in Wealth Management services, schedule Wealth Manager appointments using Microsoft Outlook/Salesforce.  Add/Update Salesforce/Outlook accordingly.
•	Works under direct supervision.
•	Use established procedures, scripts, and templates to carry out routine work duties.
•	Seek guidance from scheduling team, team leaders and Leadership to resolve issues and identify issues for escalation.
•	Send letters to prospective Wealth Management member using letter template. 
•	Ability to transfer to other areas of company for customer service using the Enterprise Call Assistant tool.
•	Ability to work in an inbound or outbound call center environment (7:30am-8:00pm CST M-F)

Minimum Experience:
•	1+ years of customer contact experience in a sales and/or call center environment and/or 30 college credit hours.
•	1+ years experience multitasking in a Windows operating system environment.

Minimum Education:
	High school diploma (or GED)

Preferred Experience:
•	1+ year of customer contact experience in a Financial Services Call Center.
•	1+ year experience frequently communicating (60% of time) with customers by phone and email.
•	Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel/Outlook)
•	SalesForce experience

Preferred Education:
•	Bachelors Degree
•	Demonstrated ability to handle various customer service functions in a professional and courteous manner.
•	Ability to follow procedures by using scripts, emails, and letters to communicate with Members.
•	Ability to handle basic objections using scripts.
•	Ability to multitask in Microsoft Windows environment.
•	Ability to schedule appointments and update statuses in SalesForce and/or Microsoft Outlook
•	Ability to send emails, schedule appointments and reservations in Microsoft Outlook and Excel.
•	Ability to use internal Portal to look up member information and send introductory letters.