User Experience Designer / Service Designer


Brief Summary

                            User Experience Designer / Service Designer

Candidates should be well-rounded service and interaction designers with the ability to demonstrate thought leadership and a thorough understanding of the principals of user-centered design.
These designers create exceptional user experiences, acting as customer advocates. They think holistically through every touch-point and go beyond the screen when designing the ideal user experience. 
Excellent communication and presentation skills are critical. Candidates must have an ability to deliver a message clearly and concisely to an executive audience, crafting compelling presentations that demonstrate the effectiveness of UX concepts.

Minimum Experience
•	Bachelors Degree from an accredited university or 6 years work experience
•	8+ years experience working with user-centered design development and process management with product, and/or service design
•	4+ years experience creating sketch, wireframe, and document and envision concepts
•	4+ years experience with digital technologies and channels
•	Experience with product and service design
•	Experience leading large cross-functional team projects
•	Executive presentation and communication skills
•	Workshop facilitation skills
•	A diverse portfolio of past work that shows depth of thinking and solutions 

Job Duties / Skills
•	Leverages expert business/analytical user-centered design knowledge to lead the collaboration with stakeholders through the Service Design process; Discovery, Ideation, Design and Pilot / Launch. 
•	Acts as a thought leader in team working sessions.
•	Synthesizes and interprets large amounts of quantitative and qualitative data. 
•	Champions and effectively communicates findings into high-fidelity visuals. 
•	Creates holistic experience designs and recommendations for development and execution. 
•	Develops innovative proposals and target state experiences. 
•	Applies an expert understanding of member needs, staff needs, and business goals to tell a single story. 
•	Communicates design ideas proficiently with well-developed writing, presentation and story-telling skills to a variety of audiences including executive levels. 
•	Ideal candidates are actively engaged, passionate, and flexible with the ability to be a creative problem solver and enjoy connecting with people. 
•	Able to think strategically to identify root causes and get beyond treating symptoms.
•	Reliably and consistently accomplish important work with strong action-based performance.
•	Seek to understand our users, employees and marketplace to contribute effectively.
•	Conceptualize hard problems and opportunities to find practical solutions that minimize complexity and prove to be useful and actionable. 
•	Hold a strong set of values that guide you to make tough decisions with ease.
•	The courage to say what you think and ability to admit when you make mistakes.
•	Seek the best solutions and ideas for the users, leaving your ego at the door.
•	Share information and ideas openly.
A mix of skills and expertise is what we look for in Experience Designers: 
•	Creating wireframes, prototypes, blueprints, IA and mock-ups
•	Sketching, storyboarding, phone conversation guidelines and scenario development
•	End-to-end experience design strategy 
•	Facilitates envisioning and co-creation workshops 
•	Qualitative, ethnographic and evaluative research 
•	Maintain awareness of evolving UX standards and best practices
•	Interaction design and continuously seeking new ways to interact with users 
•	Sensitivity to the emotional, cognitive, environmental, and military culture needs 
•	Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design solutions 
•	Consider business and technology constraints
•	Understanding current call center technologies and capabilities to support service delivery
•	Broad portfolio displaying the use of UX practices in a variety of mediums